Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund is our annual appeal for support to the school community. Contributions help cover the cost of educational opportunities outside of the classroom.

Lee prides itself on providing the highest quality education for its' students. Not all learning is done in the classroom. Your financial support to The Fund allows us to provide experiences that contribute to the education of the whole child. Leadership in a club or participation on an athletic team or student production provides the life skills from which every student will benefit.

Perhaps most importantly, your financial support is an endorsement of Lee Academy and the efforts of our faculty and staff to provide the highest quality education. 

*Please reach out to any of our school board members if you are interested in learning more about contributing to the Lee Academy Annual Fund. 

Lee Academy Board of Directors 2023-2024

Mr. Glenn Montgomery

Mr. Jeff Hollowell

Mr. James Curcio - Treasurer

Mr. Mason Dunn

Mr. Jamie Gaston - President

Mrs. Hayden Linley

Mr. Robert Carson

Mrs. Lesley Johnson

Mr. Jackson Webb

Mr. Terry Smith - Vice-President

Mrs. Mary Evelyn Stonestreet - Secretary

Mr. John Wong