Honoring Mrs. Pam Hunter

Honoring Mrs. Pam Hunter: In great appreciation for your 32 years of dedicated service and leadership at Lee Academy. 

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” 

As you retire, know that we will all miss you. Every day we will feel the gap, an empty space in our lives.

Look back on your major accomplishments, the lives that you have touched, your caring and nurturing. Be proud. 

As you retire, be fulfilled, be happy, be adventurous. You deserve it! 



Pictured above: Mrs. Pam Hunter and family, The 2018 Lee Academy Yearbook Staff, and Head of School; Mrs. Rone Walker. 

The 2018 Lee Academy yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Pam Hunter in recognition and honor of her 32 years of dedication to the school.