Lee Academy Class Favorites 9th -11th, 2016-2017

Congratulations to the Ninth through Eleventh Grade Lee Academy Class favorites! 
Favorite nominees were selected and voted on by their class peers and were honored in assembly this morning at break. We are very proud of all nominees and selected class favorites. 
"It is nice to be important, but it is also important to be nice!" 

9th Grade Favorite Nominees: Mary Luisa Czamanske, Sykes Connell, Maggie Ivy, Allie Middleton, Meredith Wilkinson, Brett Wilson, Landon Wong, Mack Davis
9th Grade Favorites: Meredith Wilkinson and Mack Davis

10th Grade Favorite Nominees: Kate Murphey, Hayes Flowers, Shelby Kate Spencer, Hayes Clegg, Dalton Hawes, Rutledge Agostinelli
10th Grade Favorites: Shelby Kate Spencer and Rutledge Agostinelli

11th Grade Favorite Nominees: Laura Lee Chicorelli, Caroline Noe, Mallory Matthews, Peyton Lott, Joseph Noe, Jacob Branch
11th Grade Favorites: Laura Lee Chicorelli and Peyton Lott

Senior Nominees and Favorites will be announced at Lead Out on May 19th at 7:00.