National Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to the new inductees of the National Honor Society. We are pleased to honor these students for their academic excellence!
The following 10th grade students achieved at least a 95 cumulative average: Rutledge Agostinelli, Ansley Fava, Shelton Johnson, Kyriam Molina, and Madeline Riddick.
The following 11th grade student achieved at least a 94 cumulative average: Sara Lawrence
The following 12th grade students achieved at least a 93 cumulative average:John Andrew Agostinelli, Molly Cooke, Lucy Heaton, Oliva Watts, and Lewis Czamanske. 
New inductees also have the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. 

Pictured Below: 
Back Row, Left to Right: Rutledge Agostinelli, John Andrew Agostinelli, Lucy Heaton, 
Lewis Czamanske, Kyriam Molina

Front Row, Left to Right: Molly Cooke, Shelton Johnson, Olivia Watts, Madeline Riddick,
Sara Lawrence, Ansley Fava

Pictured above are current members of the National Honor Society. 
Back Row, Left to Right: Madeleine Levingston; Officer of Service, Michaela Wells, Reade Middleton, Julia Corso; Vice-President, Meagan Whatley; Officer of Leadership, Ashley Russell; Officer of Character, Chloe Clark, Madisen Lutts, Jacob Branch, Leslie Anne Bell, Peyton Lott, Austin Haire, and Ryan Cesare
Front Row, Left to Right: Hetal Shingrani, Mallory Matthews, Alison Fullilove; President, Lauren Agostinelli; Officer of Scholarship, and Mary Anna Noe

Inductees were honored with a special banquet following the ceremony. A big thank you to Mrs. Jennifer Levingston and all the parents for honoring our students. 

Another special thank you to Mrs. Beverly Antici and Mr. Bobby Eavenson for their dedication to our students and the National Junior Honor Society.