Lee Academy Career Fair 10.5.2016

The first annual Lee Academy Career Fair was held in the gym on October 5.  Juniors and seniors were able to attend the fair and benefit from the expertise and experience of 51 presenters representing 28 careers and professions.  Local professionals, as well as several from out of town, took precious time out of their busy schedules to come to Lee to help our students gain insight into careers they were already interested in or did not even know existed.  One student commented, “I feel much better now that I was able to ask questions and talk to somebody who has been doing what I want to do.”  Other students who are undecided about what they want to study in college now realize that certain majors can lead them down many varied paths. The Career Fair was definitely an “eye-opener”!

Mrs. Antici, guidance counselor who planned the event, was most excited about the young alumni who represented their professions at the fair. “I am so proud when I look around and see these recent graduates of Lee. These young professionals gained the educational background at Lee Academy that they needed to help them continue on a successful path in college and beyond. It is inspiring for our current students to look at them and think, ‘I can be a success too!’” 

Besides the presenters, there are others who deserve a special thanks for helping make the fair a success: Ginger Cooke and Heather Watts and their team of moms and dads who prepared lunch; Rone Walker, our Head of School, who always support our efforts to provide beneficial opportunities for our students; Gene Arthur Hopkins along with Wilson Ellis and his maintenance team for setting up the gym; Chris Heaton for decorating; and Jennifer Levingston for helping with scheduling.

We are also proud of our students. They were polite, appreciative, inquisitive, and interested.  They represented our school well!