Lee Announcements 8.25.17

Varsity Football game tonight at Magnolia Heights starting at 7:30. GREEN OUT GAME! Cover the stands in GREEN and support the COLTS!

Tune in to:   http://www.citylinktv.com/channel/clarksdale-wrox-tv/  
to view the Colts LIVE! 

First Parent Teacher Organization meeting will be August 30 in the

We are offering for sale 10 parking spaces inside the gate for all Lee Academy functions for the rest of the year. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis. The price is $250.00. The security guards will be instructed to not allow anyone in the gate unless they have a special gate pass. Call if you are interested! 

Bring your Animal Shelter Supplies. Needed are: Dog and Cat Food, paper towels, bleach, newspapers, kitty litter.

Service Project for September: St Jude Children’s Hospital. Bring $5 and you may wear a Lee T –shirt and blue jeans Fridays for the entire month of September. All proceeds will go to Addie Dunavent and family.



2017 Colt Football - What to Wear.jpg