Announcements 2.13.17

We are excited to team up with BSN Sports for a Fundraiser for our school!
We have created two fan shops for parents and students to purchase Lee Academy clothing.
We have a store with adult only sizes, and a store with youth only sizes.
Please pay close attention to each of the items, as some are for women only! Half zips and pull-overs may be worn to school.
Help us spread the word about these awesome Lee items for sale and help your school!!

Orders must be complete by February 20!!

Please visit and type in the access code for each store to purchase.


Tennis practice today at 5:00 at the Clarksdale Country Club.

Lee Service project for the month of February is Clarksdale Cares. 

6Th – Cat Litter & Cat Toys,7th – Clorox & Washing Detergent (any kind) , 8th – Dawn Dish Washing Soap & Paper Towels

9th – Dog Toys and Dog & Cat Collars , 10th – Dog Leashes and Dog Slip Leads ,11th – Rubber Gloves ,12th – Canned Dog Food (NO OLD ROY)

Mrs. Hopkins needs any Key Club members that can; to stay after school today to help with Valentines.


Open House is February 23 at 6:30.